Hi there! My name is Bryson Tarbet. I currently teach in a rural school district just outside of Columbus, Ohio. I teach PreK-6th grade music between an elementary and middle school. I received my Bachelor’s of Music Education from Ohio Wesleyan University, and I am currently enrolled in the Master’s in Music Education with a Kodály emphasis at Capital University.

I would consider myself a Kodály-inspired teacher, but I am always seeking out professional development and resources in a variety of pedagogical approaches.

I spent my first year out of college as a part of an intervention team for an elementary school, and I absolutely fell in love with the work that I was doing! Due to this experience, I feel very strongly about advocating for sensory and emotionally-inclusive classrooms.

I started That Music Teacher with the goal of sharing different perspectives on issues pertaining to the lives of music educators across the country. I hope that I will be able to share the strategies and skills I’ve developed and acquired with those who do not have similar strengths, and to also learn from those who have strengths in other areas.


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